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Moose Jaw Auto Wheel Alignment Front End Many car owners tend to forget just how essential properly working tires are for their vehicle’s performance unless they’re suddenly faced with a flat. However, a puncture is not the only thing that can negatively affect tire movement. If your alignment is off, there is just as much potential for you to run into several problems. Unlike a flat tire, which is often unavoidable, misalignment can typically be prevented by taking your vehicle in for a wheel alignment service regularly. The technicians at Panda Tire & Auto advise making this part of your car maintenance routine.

Wheel Alignment Moose JawImportance of Wheel Alignment Service

Despite being built with a strong exterior to withstand daily use and harsh road conditions, tires still need the same level of care and attention that you would give to other parts on your vehicle. Not only are four functioning tires required if you want to drive somewhere, but they are also necessary to ensure the safe operation of your car. If even just one tire fails while you’re out on the road, it can put you and your passengers in a risky situation. In addition, tires that are out of alignment will begin to impact various systems within your vehicle and create an uncomfortable, inefficient driving experience.


What is a Wheel Alignment & When is it Necessary?

A wheel alignment service involves the process of checking and adjusting how the wheels are positioned in relation to the road, steering column, and axles. They should be perpendicular to the ground and parallel with one another. Every car has manufacturer-recommended alignment specifications, making it important that a qualified technician complete the service.Wheel Alignment Service Auto Moose Jaw

Tires and wheels can become displaced for several reasons. It’s best to go in and see if you need an alignment whenever you notice a pull to the left or right, shaking or vibrations, an off-center steering wheel or when you purchase new tires. A general rule of thumb is to get a wheel alignment service once a year unless you notice symptoms of misalignment or are in an accident.


How Does a Wheel Alignment Benefit Your Car Investment?

Besides keeping you safe, getting a wheel alignment service on a regular basis will provide your vehicle and your wallet with the following benefits:

  • Better gas mileage: Misalignment causes your engine to work harder to move the car forward, leading to poor fuel
  • Extended tire lifespan: When alignment is off, it increases the wear that’s being placed on
  • tires, which will result in the need for premature tire replacement.
  • Reduced wear and tear on other car parts: Displaced tires also put stress on other parts of a vehicle, inducing unnecessary wear and costly
  • Easier maneuverability: Your car can become much harder to handle when tires aren’t
  • aligned. It may pull to one side and begin to vibrate.
  • Longer warranty coverage: Poor alignment is usually seen as owner negligence and voids the warranty on


Why Choose Us for Your Next Wheel Alignment Service?

The certified technicians at Panda Tire & Auto possess the skills, knowledge, and experience to perform a wide variety of high-quality maintenance jobs, and wheel alignment service is no exception. As Moose Jaw and Areas one-stop auto shop, we can detect when an alignment is needed and using our state-of-the-art equipment, get your tires straightened back into their proper positions.