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When is it time to install your Winter Tires?

You should install your winter tires when the temperature reaches 7℃ and below, at that temperature you will be able to see your breath. All-season and all-weather tires tread compounds begin to harden at this temperature reducing their traction and increasing the chance of slipping.  Winter tires are essential for navigating our Moose Jaw roads during winter.  Moose Jaw Winter Snow Tires

Once the temperature is right around 0℃, freezing rain, snow, and icy roadways become most treacherous as a thin layer of water formed when the tire rolls over ice and snow. The tire can literally slide as easily as rotate and a loss of directional and stopping control is inevitable.

At even lower temperatures only true winter tires or ice radials remain pliable enough to grip. On pure hard ice the very best traction will be provided by installing 4 “studded” winter tires, while ice radials such as the Bridgestone Blizzak are a strong second without the noise associated with studded winter tires. Winter tires are very adequate for most snow and packed snow conditions in and still far superior to all season or all-weather tires at low temperatures and in treacherous conditions.

Firestone winter tires are designed to help you overcome some of the toughest road conditions. Whether you’re battling the snow or tackling icy roads, Firestone Winterforce tires will give you the solid grip you need. No matter what winter brings, our Winterforce tire range helps provide confident handling.Moose Jaw Winter Car Truck Tires

Bridgestone winter and snow tires can help you drive confidently through snow, ice, and slush. Thanks to special rubber compounds and unique tread patterns, our winter tires bite into the snow and ice while evacuating water and slush to give you traction when you need it most. With Bridgestone, you can take on winter’s unpredictable weather with confidence.

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