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Tire time? Tire Sales and Service in Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw Auto Tire Sales ServiceWhen you’re shopping for new tires you may appreciate the help of someone who knows which tire can provide the best grip, the longest life, or the shortest stopping distance, proper speed or load rating, snow traction, and all of the other numerous attributes that your vehicle requires or you desire.  Contact Panda Tire & Auto for tire sales and service in Moose Jaw.

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Spend more, get more

In recent years, we’ve found you generally get what you pay for. No matter the type, tires that combine the best grip with the longest tread life may cost a little more, but they are worth the extra money overall, especially when you consider the cost per km over the life of the tires.

Still, the more economical tires may be just fine if you won’t be keeping your car for long, are on a tight budget or fixed income. In addition to a manufacturers warranty, many tires have a tread-wear warranty—and all tires purchased in a set of 4 qualify for No charge tire rotations every 10,000km and No charge flat repairs. Moose Jaw roads can be hard on tires with broken pavement, heaves and pot holes.  Panda Tire & Auto in Moose Jaw will take care of your tires with sales and service.

We have found that tires with lower rolling resistance, like the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter or Bridgestone Ecopia, allowed our test cars to get 1 to 3 more mpg or decrease fuel consumption when compared to tires with high rolling resistance such as a Winter or All-weather tire.

As your tire’s tread wears over tens of thousands of kilometers, they will lose their ability to channel away rainwater effectively which can result in hydroplaning, Also, as the tire tread wears down the many tiny cuts in the tread blocks called sipes which provide optimum traction also disappear making the tread less effective at gripping road surfaces.

Another big factor is proper inflation pressure. An underinflated tire will drastically increase your fuel consumption, check your tire pressure monthly for optimum fuel efficiency.

When replacing tires, we recommend sticking to the same type and size tire that originally came on your car.

With most car-based SUVs, known as crossovers, spending their time on the streets instead of bounding over hills and through valleys, manufacturers are equipping them with the similar all-season tires that are typically found on passenger cars.


Need for speed

Ultra-high performance (UHP) tires are designed to optimize cornering, braking, and handling. While they are increasingly found on a wide variety of cars, only a few of the most sports-oriented SUVs are equipped with them.

They deliver maximum grip with short, stiffer sidewalls that minimize flexing while cornering. We tested models with speed ratings of W, Y, and Z, meaning they’re capable of sustained speeds of up to more than 240 km per hour. It sounds outlandish, sure. But our tests have shown that even at normal highway speeds, tires with higher speed ratings tend to have better cornering grip, braking, and handling. If your vehicle specifies a speed rating, you should replace them with an equivalent.


Traditional truck tires

Big SUVs and pickup trucks use tires specifically designed for trucks, although many can also be used on crossovers.  Panda Tire & Auto have a variety of truck tires for sale and will provide you the service you need.

Light truck tires may have a load rating because these vehicles and their tires are designed for the rigors of towing, carrying heavy loads, or providing off-road performance.


Know when to replace

Tires are one of the few safety-related systems you have a choice about, and one of the few that can noticeably change your car’s handling and braking capabilities. Tires can greatly affect how your car rides, and how well it keeps its footing on wet roads. Because of this, keeping them well maintained is important, and replacing them as they wear out is equally crucial.

When your tire has reached a tread depth of 2/32 inch (1.5mm), it is legally worn out, and needs to be replaced. At that depth, the tire’s wet grip, snow traction, and ability to resist hydroplaning is very limited.

You should start shopping for tires before they are worn out, when tread depth approaches 4/32 inch (3mm) or less in any one groove. The single most important step you can take to make your tires last longer and run safely is to keep them inflated to the proper pressure and perform regular rotation.

Underinflated tires wear faster and build up heat quicker than properly-inflated tires. Excessive heat buildup can contribute to a tire failure. Recommended inflation pressure is found on a placard in the vehicle, usually located on the driver’s door jamb, or in the owner’s manual. Don’t inflate to the pressure on the tire’s sidewall; that is the maximum inflation pressure. Rotating regularly allows tires to wear more evenly and last the longest.

Stop in at Panda Tire Auto Service in Moose Jaw for tire sales and service.  We can provide you tires  for your car, truck, SUV, mini-van or any vehicle.  You can phone us (306) 691-0080 or drop by to discuss your needs.