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Engine Diagnostic Service

Engine Diagnostic ServiceIs your vehicle stalling or not running well? Is your Check Engine light on?  Panda Tire and Auto will perform an engine diagnostic service to determine the problem.  This issue could be a simple issue or something complex within your vehicle engine. Either way, you can trust Panda Tire & Auto in Moose Jaw to fix the issue. One of our highly skilled Journeyperson Automotive Technicians will perform an engine diagnostic test.


Moose Jaw Engine Diagnostic Service

When your Check Engine light comes on, a fault code is stored within your vehicle’s computer memory. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment, which can read the engine fault codes. Our Automotive Technician will check what is required to understand the full extent of the engine problem. Further inspection is required to properly determine where the real problem is.

Once we determine the solution to repairing the engine diagnostic problem we will contact you with a quote. We want to make sure you are back safely on the road!

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