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Auto Tune-Ups

Panda Tire and Auto in Moose Jaw, can perform regular tune-ups to keep your vehicle maintained and running smoothly.

Moose Jaw Auto Tune-Ups


Our Tune-Ups involve the following items which should be inspected or replaced as a part of regular maintenance plan:

  • Scan engine computer for any fault codes
  • Replace Spark plugs. Consider long life plugs on applications where plug accessibility is difficult
  • Check the operation of oxygen sensors (lazy sensors can cause extra fuel to be used)
  • Inspect Ignition wires or spark plug boots, (Rotor, distributor cap, if equipped)
  • Replace Fuel filter; Air filter; (PCV valve and breather filter if equipped)
  • Clean and test battery and charging system
  • Clean Throttle body (where recommended)
  • Check for most up to date computer programing.
  • Also IMPORTANT – if your vehicles engine is equipped with a timing “belt” it should be replaced at the manufacturers service interval (failure of an engine timing belt can cause extensive engine damage should it skip or break)
Spark Plug Maintenance Repair Tune Up Moose Jaw

The 100,000 KM “No Tune-Ups” Myth

Some would say the automaker’s move to 100,000 km “tune-up” intervals on many new vehicles will finally kill the tune-up as we know it today. Maybe, but what the car makers are really talking about are 100,000 km spark plug change intervals — which does not include the need for other maintenance such as oil and filter changes or other repairs that might be needed during the life of the vehicle.

Regular Maintenance Plan

If you think you can get away with gas-and-go driving for 100,000 km without spending a dime on maintenance or repairs, you might find the hard way that lack of proper maintenance can be very costly. Today’s vehicles don’t require as much maintenance as they used to because things such as idle speed and mixture adjustments, timing adjustments, etc. have been eliminated. So too has the need for chassis lubrication thanks to “sealed-for-life” ball joints and tie rod ends. Many OEM parts are also being built to much higher standards of durability.  Moose Jaw roads are tough on a vehicles suspension and chassis so it’s a good idea to have Panda Tire and Auto perform a tune-ups on your vehicle.

Regular Vehicle Lubrication

Even so, regular oil and filter changes are still necessary to maintain proper engine lubrication. Most experts still recommend changing the oil and filter 3,000 km or three to six months. The oil change interval can be stretched out to reduce maintenance costs if a vehicle is driven under ideal conditions (no extremely hot or cold weather, no short trip, stop-and-go driving, no excessive idling, no extremely dusty road conditions, no trailer towing, no turbocharging). But the average driver is more often than not a “severe service” driver so should follow the 3,000 km change interval.  The weather in Moose Jaw along with road conditions and gird road driving can impact the life of many lubricants and filters on a vehicle.  Stop in at Panda Tire in Auto in Moose Jaw to have a Tune-Ups on your vehicle.

Filter Replacement

Today’s 100,000 km tune-up interval also skirts around the issue of fuel and air filter replacement, too. A number of new cars and trucks now have “lifetime” fuel filters, most of which are located inside the fuel tank with the electric fuel pump. Such a filter might go 100,000 km. Then again, it might not. A couple of tanks of bad gas or some corrosion caused by accumulated moisture can cut short the life of any filter, even a so-called lifetime filter. Sooner or later even a lifetime fuel filter will have to be replaced.

It’s a good idea to stop in at Panda Tire Auto Service in Moose Jaw for regular vehicle Tune-Ups.  You can phone us (306) 691-0080 or book an appointment online.