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Feb 25, 2020

GDI is the answer for OEMs !

GDI engines offer increased fuel economy, power and performance, all while reducing emissions. They are significantly more efficient than port fuel injection (PFI) engines.

For example, in a GDI engine, gasoline is sprayed directly where the combustion chamber is the hottest (instead of in the air intake), allowing for a more thorough, even burn. Ideally, this more complete combustion translates to better mileage and greater power. GDI engines burn leaner than port fuel injection engines (GDI 40:1 vs. PFI 14.7:1). A leaner mixture allows fuel to be burned much more conservatively. GDIs have accurately controlled emissions levels, more aggressive ignition timing curves, and more precise control over fuel and injection timing.


Too good to be true ?

As the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” And the same goes for GDI engines. As with most complex technologies, with the benefits, complications may occur.

New vehicles with GDI engines have seen significant performance and efficiency losses, ignition failures and fouled injectors in as early as 4,800 km and, potentially, holes from carbon burned in the structure of the catalytic converter in as early as 80,000 km!

What’s causing all these GDI engines to have complications so soon?

  • Poor Fuel Quality, high Ethanol content
  • Oil Evaporation, low friction piston rings
  • Deposits
  • Resulting in uneven compression, oil consumption and increased fuel consumption.

Together these three products, EPR, MOA, and 44K, have been proven to keep GDI engines clean and prevent potential complications. So when manufacturers turn to new, complex technologies like GDI for better fuel economy and lower emissions, BG seizes the opportunity to make GDI engines last longer and perform even better so that drivers can enjoy the significant benefit of these highly complex engines.